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DC Machine Summerville SC
We work with numerous industries, including aerospace, medical, automotive and the military.

Our precision CNC machining process ensures our clients receive the highest quality components to implement into their products. We partner with both small manufacturers and large corporations to help them achieve their production goals.

Gun Barrels and Barrel Extensions

Gun barrels and barrel extensions are a large part of our business.  We service gun manufacturers from throughout the country.  We specialize in AR barrels, including the very popular AR 15.

Lower Receivers

Lower receivers for firearms such as the AR 15 must be precisely manufactured.  Our team of lower receiver experts implement a precision CNC process with each lower receiver to ensure it is produced to the highest quality possible.

Close Tolerance Precision Parts

Our facility includes more than 70+ CNC machines, many of which are less than two years old. We can handle most any job, whether you need us to machine something as small as a pin head or as large as a part for an ocean liner.


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